Green Initiatives

Since 2005, Anthem Business Solutions has strived to be responsible stewards of the environment.

We constantly seek to understand our impact and continuously improve our business practices to reduce our impact on the environment.

Obsolete Equipment

We recycle all old cash registers, POS equipment, cash drawers, CRT’s, LCD’s, printers, and computers to recognized environmental recyclers which reclaim metals, plastics, and other components for recycling.

Auto Fleet

We purchase vehicles appropriate for the work we do with the best fuel economy possible. We have several hybrid vehicles and have downsized our truck fleet to smaller vans.  Our staff maintains these vehicles to operate at their maximum efficiency by performing tune-ups, filter changes and checking the tire pressure regularly.


The equipment we sell and service all have batteries.  If we provide replacement battery service these batteries are taken to a battery recycler.  We also recycle all batteries used in the course of business such as cell phones, flashlights, pagers, and car batteries.

Beverage containers

Aluminum cans, used by our employees, are recycled.

Styrofoam and Cardboard

Both Styrofoam and cardboard are taken to local recyclers.

Shipping Pallets

Pallets are recycled back into the shipping industry for reuse.

Heating and Air

Units are regularly maintained and when replacements are needed, we select high-efficiency units. We have also implemented set back thermostats.

Inkjet and toner cartridges

Where appropriate we recycle both toner and inkjet cartridges and shell toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturer to be remanufactured.

Office paper

We recycle office grade paper to a recognized paper recycler.  Newsprint, where we can, is taken to municipal recycling centers.


All new and replacement lighting fixtures are installed with either high-efficiency electronics or LED lighting.  When rooms are not in use we leave the lights off even during business hours.

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