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With Biotrack, you will “run an effective and compliant business with industry-leading cannabis software”. A truly comprehensive integration does this with the most trusted software on the market. With a decade of experience, they’re one of the most seasoned providers in the cannabis industry.

Leaf Data Systems & Metrc

There is no better solution for integrating both Metrc and LEAF. Additionally, you can choose how to incorporate software segments to your specific operation; either utilizing the dispensary point of sale or integrating cultivation operations and manufacturing for a complete seed-to-sale vertical.

See how each part of the cannabis industry can benefit from comprehensive software solutions.

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  • Streamline operations with proprietary workflows and KPIs
  • Monitor and analyze harvest data with yield forecasting
  • Measure cross-breeding, plant genetics, and clone potency
  • Weigh multiple plant by-products (wet or dry) & collect data on product grading during the curing process
  • Record pesticides and nutrients applied to crops, log light & water cycles, and analyze against past harvest data


Processing & Manufacturing

  • Meet all compliance requirements and generate automatic reports for labels
  • Track conversions of flower-to-oil, oil-to-edibles, and single to multiple products while ensuring a verified custody chain
  • Log cost per gram calculations, product notifications, and recalls
  • Generate invoices, purchase orders, and stay up-to-date with compliant practices
  • Create, submit, and store transportation manifests for regulatory review
  • Print key information directly onto your labels, including ingredients, potency results, and reactive expiration dates.
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Cannabis Dispensary Point-of-Sale System

  • a POS created for cannabis
  • Eliminate human error and minimize data entry
  • Automated Discounts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Compliance purchasing limits
  • Online ordering
  • Menu Displays
  • Out-of-the-box Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Online Ordering & Delivery

  • Allow customers to view your menus and product offering without being in your dispensary.
  • A fully integrated online ordering portal is hosted on dedicated partner servers
  • Ready for multiple-location deliveries and route planning
  • Automatically create and store compliant transportation manifests
  • Easily reschedule or cancel delivery orders
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“Biotrack was nothing short of excellent concerning its collaboration of this massive Illinois launch at our Sunnyside Dispensaries. The Biotrack team was extremely informative, professional and executed real time adjustments to fix any issues we ran into daily/nightly. They were truly a wonderful partner in this process, proactively reaching out to us and checking in to see that the system was operating smoothly.”
– Cresco Labs

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Compliance Features

Compliance rules are different state-by-state, and they’re on the minds of everyone in the cannabis industry. Naturally, compliance is the foundation of our seed-to-sale software… so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Custom Reporting
  • Track Waste, Destruction, Conversion, and Moisture Loss
  • Transport Manifests
  • Real-Time Customer Limit Tracking
  • Real-Time Product Recalls
  • Branded Compliant Labels
  • Industry-Leading Security

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