Delivery Dispatch

Managing your delivery operations has never been easier!

Heartland POS allows you to easily manage your restaurant’s delivery operations with our Delivery Dispatch system.

Delivery Dispatch makes it easy to assign delivery orders to your drivers and provide them with turn-by-turn directions right from your POS terminal. If your restaurant experiences a high volume of delivery orders, then Heartland POS Delivery Dispatch system is right for you!


  • Turn-by-Turn mapping for delivery
  • Quickly add or remove drivers
  • Drag and drop to assign and dispatch delivery orders
  • View orders assigned to specific drivers
  • Integrated POS mapping interface
  • Perfect for pizza delivery!

Integrated Driver Dispatch with turn-by-turn mapping for delivery

Our extremely simple, yet powerful features allow you to better run your delivery operations and communicate delivery information to your drivers. With Delivery Dispatch, you can drag and drop to assign orders to drivers, dispatch delivery orders through text messaging, view and print turn-by-turn directions, quickly add or remove drivers, and view orders assigned to specific drivers, all with ease!

Simply tap to manage your current drivers.
Drag and drop your drivers onto tickets to assign them.
Tap on a driver to view orders assigned to that person.
Apple Maps automatically finds the quickest routes.

Delivery Dispatch makes it easy to assign delivery orders.

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