LOC Software

LOC Software delivers solutions designed to allow more frequent, profitable and manageable transactions.

Understand. Deliver. Thrive. That’s modern retailing. That’s LOC Software.

We are the premier, fully-connected platform breaking traditional molds by bridging yesterday with the future of retail. Offering interactions wherever and whenever they make the most sense, our application suite interconnects your enterprise to processes, employees, suppliers, partners, consumers, and beyond.

Modern retailing is about managing this connectivity, and no one does it better.


Now, you can harness the power of information from manufacturers, distribution, customers and even competitors, along with seamless paths of ordering, receiving, billing, pricing, and promoting, providing complete control of operations, connecting all points of interest within the retail circle.


SMS is the premier, fully-connected platform whether conventional retail, e-commerce, mobile or back-office, it goes beyond the traditional purpose-built POS software, offering consumer interactions wherever and whenever it makes the most sense.


SMS provides inventory, financial, and customer data across stores, regions, even nations. Information seamlessly and simultaneously flows to and from headquarters, and can be viewed by anyone in your organization, anywhere in the world, from any connected device.

Our Benefits

Reporting Versatility

Tailored into one seamless interface, SMS Back Office satisfies all of a merchant’s operational needs. From powerful merchandising and inventory control, integrated purchasing and receiving, to business analytics and reporting.

Creative Promos & Rewards

Defined commonly as an allegiance, loyalty means so much more to modern merchants. SMS Loyalty provides more than a common rewards system, it provides the engine to drive profitable growth.

Architecture & Data

The SMS suite is built with network infrastructure in mind, from its innovative security features and seamless information interchange to the robust, industry-standard Microsoft SQL data handling, SMS has reliability implemented by design.

Efficient Centralization

SMS Enterprise achieves a centralized, seamless, continuous workflow due to its one system, one interface, accessing one database, philosophy.

Interconnect data streams – transaction, customer, financial, movement, and beyond.

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