Managed Services

There is more to buying a Business Computer System or a Point of Sale System, than just selecting the hardware and software solution.

The ongoing support of your system is as important as the selection of the system.

Managed Services offerings provided by Anthem Business Solutions are unmatched in the industry. We strive to provide best of breed services to keep your POS and Business Computer investment operating, supported, upgraded and secure.

Managed Services Security Suite

Anthem Business Solutions has bundled a suite of Managed Services offerings that we feel are vital for businesses to maintain a secure system and to help them meet their PCI DSS requirements if you are processing credit cards. Included in our Managed Services Security Suite is the SonicWALL TotalSecure services and Firewall, Webroot AntiVirus Software, and the Kaseya Secure Remote Support Software and Monitoring Software.

SonicWALL TotalSecure

Anthem Business Solutions provides your Business Computer System and POS solutions with a powerful SonicWALL firewall that includes an Ethernet WAN port and four-port LAN switch, which also includes a one-year subscription to SonicWALL Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite:  Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, and Content Filtering Service, with one-year firmware and support updates, also included, for all-in-one protection at the hardware router level.  This hardware-level security helps protect your system at the entry point from the internet.

With SonicWALL TotalSecure, stop improper web surfing before it begins!  Your SonicWALL TotalSecure can block your employees from damaging your system, whether accidentally or on purpose.

Make it easy to: Eliminate Viruses, Worms and Trojans; Block Spy-ware, Ad-ware, Key-loggers, Malicious Mobile Code (MMC) and other dangerous applications; Protect against intrusions from hackers; Filter pornography and other forms of unacceptable and illegal online content; Restrict recreational file-sharing, multimedia streaming and downloading from peer-to-peer applications; Implement comprehensive security measures with a single installation; View reports on threats and activities.

Your SonicWALL Firewall with TotalSecure delivers the layered protection your business needs, through an integrated deep packet inspection firewall, and an easy-to-use, low-cost platform.  Comprehensive logging capabilities assist with remote troubleshooting.

Webroot AntiVirus

Webroot Antivirus To help our customers maintain the security of their systems and to help meet their PCI DSS compliance, we provide a commercial version of the Webroot Antivirus software for installation on the server, back office PC’s, or fat clients. PCI DSS requires that all computers on the network be protected with antivirus software that is current and updated.

Anthem Business Solutions monitors the Webroot software expiration through our Kaseya Management Servers to let you know so you can keep your antivirus software current and renewed.

Webroot AntiVirus helps protect your Business Computer System, POS Server, back-office PC’s, and fat clients from viruses brought in on CD’s, flash drives and floppy disks, as well as from the internet.

Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software

Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software is our remote live support and remote monitoring software.

Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software, has the comprehensive security that is lacking in other remote support systems used by other providers.

Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software uses standard web-based ports, not “specific” ports required by many support systems.  With Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software, access to your system is controlled by our servers in our datacenter.  Our technicians must be validated before they can connect and given access to the Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software server housed in the Anthem Business Solutions data center.  No other system is more secure.

  • Unlike other connection software which uses “specific” ports, Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software use standard web-based ports.  Using “specific” ports can open you up to potential breaches of your data, and can be considered action detrimental to PCI DSS compliance.
  • Provides secure two-factor authentication which is the highest security available, with password access that changes each time you log in.  Your new password is provided on your mobile smartphone or dedicated key fob.
  • When you want service, you want it now, and you do not want to have to call the store and find someone at the store to “turn it on”, just so you can dial in.  And what if the store is closed?
  • Provides not only secure remote control, but also file transfer, hardware inventory, software inventory, and much more!
  • Can be remotely deployed in some cases, saving you the labor costs associated with an on-site installation.
  • Can be licensed to business owners or your management personnel that want to remotely connect to their stores from home or office.
  • Hosted exclusively by Anthem Business Solutions, to ensure maximum security for any user connected to your remote site.  This ensures logging and maximum security.  Only approved licenses will have access.
  • Hosted monitoring service from Anthem Business Solutions that remotely monitors and manages the Windows Operating System and system status on your POS server.
  • Monitors hard drive space, Windows updates, credit card batches, Antivirus updates, etc. to make sure they are functioning as expected.  Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software can also monitor certain functions your systems.
  • Monitors and identifies some of the system problems to us, allowing us to be more PROACTIVE to your needs, for earlier resolutions to those problems, by alerting us before you report those problems (or the end result of the problem).
  • Is designed to change the metrics from “how quickly your problems are solved” to “how few problems you are reporting”, because we are discovering those types of problems before you are!
  • Delivers a whole new level of premium service to you, never before available.  Kaseya Secure Remote Support and Monitoring Software can help reduce or even prevent your downtime and is part of our Security Suite or is available separately.
  • The agent software is loaded on your system, which monitors your Windows Operating System (and application software as noted above).
  • Generates a message to the host server when an error or an event has occurred.  The host server then sends a message to the Anthem Business Solutions Help Desk and we react to your problem before you know it.
  • Communicates only with the host server.   All communication uses Secure Socket Layer over standard Internet ports; therefore, there are no issues with access through network security firewalls.  Because all communication is initiated by your agent to the host software, risks associated with inbound communications do not exist!

Hardware Managed Services

The Hardware Managed Services provide all hardware level repairs for your Point of Sale System, Phone System, Digital Signage Solution or Business Computer.

If a covered part fails Anthem Business Solutions will repair or replace the failed units. It’s important to keep your systems in top running condition.

A Hardware Managed Services Contract protects you from an unexpected expense by providing you a low fixed cost to keep your system’s hardware operational.

Phone Support

Anthem Business Solutions Phone Support optional add-on service provides you with unlimited access to our help desk during business hours to receive answers to questions about your POS system and how it operates.

Software Enhancement License (SEL)

The Software Enhancement License, or Software Maintenance, provides you all the software updates available from the software vendor. As new updates are available, these are available to you to upgrade your system. New software features and security updates may be included in these new releases. Upgrade labor is additional at the time of upgrade. In today’s world, it’s important to keep your system as current as possible. Installation labor may be additional for installing these upgrades.

Credit Authorization Data Capture Support (CAEDC) – Oracle Only

Credit Card support is a vital piece of maintaining your POS system. In 1993, Oracle along with Paymentech, helped establish a new company to provide 24 x 7 support for Oracle Credit Card customers. This company is Merchant Link. No other POS vendor has access to a support organization like Merchant Link.

Merchant Link support staff are specifically trained to support any Oracle customer, including extensive knowledge of the POS system.

With this optional service, Merchant Link provides assistance with credit card issues, batching issues, batch rekeys, and it’s available 24x7x365.


DataSecure is a managed service to provide off-site backup of your data. With DataSecure, Anthem Business Solutions will automatically encrypt your data and store it in our cloud servers. Our helpdesk staff will monitor and confirm your database is backed up.

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