March Networks Security for the Cannabis Industry

The Cannabis market has introduced one of the most demanding tracking and security requirements for retail, processing, and cultivation from seed to sale.

Compliance regulation and legislation is more than supported by March Networks solutions, including integrated video and RFID, data analytics, and the ability to adapt to new challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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March Networks ME6-Pair

Artificial Intelligence-powered Security

March Networks offers the ME6 Series hardware for their next-generation security analytics.

  • Crystal clear 6MP resolution
  • Dome and Bullet options
  • Automatically detect unusual or suspicious activity
  • Track zone or perimeter breaches & loitering
  • Reduces false alarms by focusing on people and vehicles

Inventory Tracking & Management

Many growers are already utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) tags on cannabis plants. The technology is already present in much seed-to-sale legislation.

March Networks integrates those RFID tools within a comprehensive security system.

  • Visual verification of inventory as it moves
  • Total visibility for searches on a wide range of RFID data such as plant ID and last location
  • Quickly access anomalous information like missing stock via footage snapshots
  • Real-time visual alerts via the Alert Communication Tool (ACT) to third-party IoT devices like email, SMS, and smart-lighting
  • Auditing, business intelligence, and easy to use POS reports
  • Incorporate mobile video surveillance hardware to capture transport, CAD, AVL, and GPS data.
  • Remote viewing via smartphone Command Mobile app
March Networks Cannabis Tracking Solutions
March Networks Remote Reviewing

Searchlight for Retail solution


Security Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Ensure seed-to-sale compliance with March Networks integrated video and RFID solution.

Searchlight for Cannabis Retail

A hosted solution for cannabis operators that integrates video, POS transaction data and analytics

ME6 IR Dome Datasheet

6MP dome with intelligent video and IR, for indoor and outdoor applications with AI-powered security analytics

ME6 IR Durabullet Datasheet

6MP ruggedized bullet camera with intelligent video and IR, for indoor and outdoor applications 

“I use Command Mobile daily. It’s a great feature to have. I can be lying on the beach. I can be skiing or having dinner and still check every square inch of my building just as if I was there.”

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