Bar and Tavern Solutions

Pour on the profits with Revel’s the all-in-one POS platform designed to help you maximize your bar business.

With a full bar tab management suite and mobile ordering functionality, Revel’s POS software will help your customers get fast, exceptional service.

Access ingredient-level inventory controls that allow you to track the exact amount of alcohol poured, a feature proven to save managers hours per week on restocking.

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Front-of-House Features

  • Mobile order takers increase service efficiency
  • Highly customizable loyalty program encourages repeat customers
  • Customer display system improves order transparency and accuracy

Back-of-House Features

  • Ingredient-level inventory management for granular control
  • Reporting tools for clear business insights
  • Workforce management facilitates on-the-go and automated scheduling

On-the-Go Features

  • Delivery management optimizes smarter routes and order tracking
  • Online ordering allows your customers to conveniently place orders to-go
  • Multi-location management from a central console lets you keep tabs on your operations
    from anywhere, at any time

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