POS Hardware Built For Restaurants

The one-stop shop for your POS hardware needs. From mobile handhelds to customizable kitchen display screens, we’ll work with you to implement a reliable, custom-built Android POS hardware system that will help your restaurant grow.

Featuring: The Toast Terminal Bundle

The standard Toast terminal bundle contains the following pieces of Android POS hardware:

  • a 10″ terminal
  • built-in card reader
  • receipt printer
  • 4/5 port switch
  • cash drawer

These pieces of the Toast POS hardware system are standard, with the ability to customize based on your specific needs.The terminal bundle is also available in 15″ and 22″ screens.


More screen space? You bet. The ability to flip so customers can sign for their bill immediately? We got you.

Toast Restaurant POS System

Elo Touch I-series
10″, 15″, and 22″ (not shown)

We offer Android POS terminals in many shapes and sizes to fit your restaurant, whether you own a quick service cafe, a fine dining restaurant, or even a pizzeria. What’s more these terminals are hardwired for your restaurant. Not only are they equipped with reliable card readers, they’re also built with the intense rigor of the restaurant industry in mind. Focus on your restaurant, not your technology.

Handheld Tablets

A best-in-class handheld, guaranteed to grow your sales. With order and pay at the table functionality in the palm of their hand, your servers will turn tables faster and leave your guests with a smile on their face.

These 8-inch tablets can instantly fire items to the kitchen, so your team stays out of the weeds and focused on the guest experience. There’s no more waiting in line to input an order into the central terminal – just fast, accurate orders sent directly to the back of house.

And with pay-at-the-table functionality, guests can split the check, sign, tip, and get their digital receipts on the fly. Got a line out the door? Send a server out to line bust with a handheld and move those orders to the kitchen ASAP.

It’s game-changing technology for restaurants that are hungry for more.

Handheld Tablets >

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″

Kitchen Display Systems

Is there really room for innovation on kitchen display screens? We say yes. Customize your entire kitchen workflow and keep chefs organized with an intuitive KDS.

Segment takeout, delivery, and store orders, and keep kitchen staff on track with a timer that prioritizes outstanding orders. No need for your prep cooks to spend time counting up orders of the same type across all open tickets.

With all day display, they can see what and how much they need to prepare at a glance. Simply press a button to text or ping servers using handhelds when an item is ready; voila, communication is no longer one-sided! These kitchen display screens could be your secret sauce.

Kitchen Display Systems >

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Deliver a delightful ordering and checkout experience to your guests with the Toast kiosk system.

Our kiosks help decrease order wait times as guests skip the line and order on a kiosk, and guests can customize their orders just as they would with a server.

Plus, we offer larger screen sizes so you can display a picture-heavy menu that shows off your delicious menu.

Self-Ordering Kiosks >

Elo Touch I-series 15″ (22″ not pictured)


Printers can be used in conjunction with terminals or solo throughout the restaurant. We sell two types of printers: thermal and impact. Thermal printers don’t use ink, but rather “burn” the type onto the receipt, meaning there’s no need to replace the cartridge. Impact printers are traditional, but preferred in kitchens, and can print quite loudly.

The thermal printers can support English and your choice of Japanese, Korean, or Simple Chinese.

Epson T20 Thermal Printer

Epson U220B Kitchen Printer

Wireless Connectivity

With your new cloud POS system, your internet connection has to be supreme. Luckily, Toast will set that all up for you during your go-live. Our recommended routers broadcast wirelessly up to 1,000 square feet, but if you have a large restaurant or need 10+ devices, you can also get access points to extend your wireless coverage.

Meraki Router

Ubiquiti Access Points

Accessories for your Restaurant

Depending on your restaurant concept, you may need other hardware accessories. If you want it, we probably have it! Get your scales, pole displays, scanners, USB hubs, and EMV card readers through Toast.

APG Cash Drawer

Brecknell 6710u Scale

Honeywell 1400G Scanner

Pole Display  Pos-X XP-8200

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