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A comprehensive payment solution for the cannabis market is finally available! This includes cashless ATMs and the ability to accept payments easily for the cannabis, CBD, and Hemp industries.

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Topnotch Cannabis Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Rigorous attention is to ensure total compliance. Our partners continuously monitor the cannabis business landscape for any updates that impact the legal, legislative, and state-by-state banking laws. As our clients, you remain protected while receiving cutting-edge payment solutions.

In particular to the cannabis industry, our partners are experts in alternative payment options in both banking and merchant accounts, fully supporting the rapidly evolving needs of the cannabis industry.

Cashless ATM for Retail Dispensaries

PIN debit is one of the most robust and low-cost solutions for cannabis dispensaries looking to find a secure payment solution that’s friendly for their customers and any specific financial requirements for their region.

  • Quick Setup for Accepting PIN Debit Payments
  • Minimize Cash Handling for Customers and Staff
  • Increase Spontaneous Customer Spending 30% on Average at PoS
  • Digital Signatures Captured at Terminal for Compliance
  • Accept NFC/CTLS, Mobile Wallets, EMV, Magstripe and more
  • Touchscreen Display
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A Perfect Match for Marijuana Retail

While the cannabis industry is a relatively new and constantly evolving entry to the retail realm, a versatile and robust point-of-sale system is critical. Finding a solution that’s tailored to your unique needs will grow your operation, reduce costs, and make sure your customer experience takes priority.
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A Solution for Delivery Merchants

Does your cannabis dispensary deliver? You want all of your transactions to be processed on the most state-of-the-art hardware available.

Our sleek modern look is super portable and features built-in 4G & LTE connectivity. Of course, our support teams are ready and waiting to assist merchants at every stage of the process – meaning even on the road, your customer experience remains competitive.

“We would recommend Topnotch to anyone looking for a reliable card payment solution” – W. Huges, Dispensary Owner, Oklahoma.

“Great service, very dependable, love the touch screen terminals” -Dave S. COO, Multistate Dispensaries.

Get an ATM Machine Inside Your Dispensary

Across the retail industry, having an on-site ATM can increase a business’s sales by upward of 8%. For the cannabis industry, taking advantage of this is a must-do strategy.

  • No longer lose customers to competitors who already have ATMs
  • Add perceived value to your store
  • Save time by simplifying transactions
  • Eliminate the costs of credit card processing fees
  • Reduce the risk of robbery and theft
  • No charge-backs or credit risks
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